One of the situations for companies of all kinds is to get clients or allies to be able to make themselves known and position themselves in the market. But currently, how do they do it? Using a new strategy called Networking.

To get into the subject, Networking is the creation of professional networks, with the aim of expanding them, a social circle is developed with people with whom you can undertake or generate job opportunities.

This type of practice has many advantages, which will help us in different aspects, among them we can mention:

  • Promote a product or service
  • Strengthen professional relationships
  • Generate job opportunities
  • Know the competition
  • Exchange and strengthening of knowledge

Networking has two forms of relationships, which are:

  • Offline: This refers to all face-to-face events where you can meet people from the same field of work.
  • Online: These are all the networks where work and social connections are established, among them we could mention networks like LinkedIn and Slack, where in one you can share your achievements and activities as a company or professional in a very similar way to Facebook, and the other It acts as a work chat much like Messenger.

The most common tools for Networking are usually:

  • CV
  • LinkedIn
  • Contact cards
  • Slack
  • Work portfolio
  • Zoom: Due to the events that took place during 2019, the usual way of working had to find a new way to maintain communication, which is why Zoom became a perfect tool for it. Currently, Zoom was adopted by 45% of companies as a means of communication.

These tools will help you get people to take a quick look at you and thus check your skills as a company or as a professional.

As we mentioned before, Networking is an efficient way for a business or person to make themselves known. For construction, this issue is very important, since, thanks to this method, a large number of Mexican construction companies have been able to interact, getting new clients, strengthening their relationships with current ones, improving their reputation and thus expanding the possibilities of participating in other projects by collaborating with other companies.

It also helps us to venture into new fields, thereby increasing our scope of work.

“In Mexico there are 55,841 companies dedicated to construction, of which only 20,103 companies show their activities on social networks.”

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In Cd. Juárez, 36% of the companies use Networking as a method to gain visibility in the market and thanks to this they have gained greater experience and status working in the industry.

It is essential to be in communication with clients and collaborators. At GEG, we care about using Networking in an appropriate way, with a diverse line of communication media being present, where we can publicize our progress and transmit knowledge acquired about the information sector. construction of industrial buildings.

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