There are a wide variety of architectural styles, and although it seems that it is something that only interest’s engineers and architects, it is not. Knowing the architectural styles allows you to have a better idea of the house you want to build, and what you want to ask an architect for next.

However, as we said at the beginning, there are an infinite number of architectural styles. This is because over time new styles do not stop emerging.


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It is for this reason that it is very difficult to identify them all, and for this reason, we have selected for this article the 5 architectural styles most used by users.

  • Minimalist style

Minimalist architecture emerged at the end of the 60s in New York, and is based on seeking the maximum possible space, with a functional design and eliminating all unnecessary details of decoration.

Despite its simplicity, it is one of the most difficult styles to achieve since it seeks to convey the maximum with the minimum. It is one of the most used and most trending styles.

Materials such as wood are used, both in the constructions and in the furniture, as well as materials such as polished cement, glass or other ecological materials.

Neutral colors such as white, gray or black predominate both on the walls and in the furniture, that is, monochromatic, although white is the one that stands out the most because it gives a feeling of spaciousness and grandeur.

  • Rustic style

The rustic style is for those people who identify with the typical country houses or rural houses and who believe that living like this is a good way to feel peace and harmony at home. It seeks to create calm, cozy spaces where nature predominates.

The rustic style seeks to be surrounded by green life and its buildings are low-rise, including outdoor areas such as terraces, patios or gardens.

Materials such as stone and terracotta are used on the walls, wood on the floors and use of beams. The furniture in rustic houses is usually made of natural materials, always seeking to empathize with the ecological. Warm colors such as white or brown predominate.

The rugs and curtains are the main elements in the decoration and the prints are of flowers or any element related to nature. It also highlights the decoration with old utensils to give a more country touch.

  • Nordic or Scandinavian style

The Nordic style emerged at the beginning of the 20th century in northern European countries, such as Sweden or Denmark, and is characterized by its simplicity and functionality, but without sacrificing design. Despite being similar to the minimalist style, it also takes part of the modern design.

The most used material in this style is wood, not only in finishes or furniture but also in partitions or walls. They are also found in the ceiling beams in light tones and the use of large windows is used.

As in the minimalist style, neutral colors such as white, black or gray are used and we cannot forget plants, one of the fundamental elements in this type of style.

Nature in this style is a key point for its development and to that we add natural textures that project tranquility and harmony.

  • Contemporary style

The contemporary emerged from the 70s and to this day is a style that is constantly changing due to the trends and innovations of the moment.

It focuses on architectural balance and in the interior it seeks spaciousness, fusing different rooms of the house such as the dining room and the kitchen. It has a random distribution, taking care of the use of simple lines combined with some curved or geometric lines.

A mixture of materials such as wood, metal, stone or glass is used, providing greater richness to the visual aesthetics. The furniture and the use of accessories with different fabrics, such as cotton or wool, are also characteristic.

The main objective of this style is that there is an atmosphere of comfort. The house must be comfortable for whoever inhabits it, but without neglecting aesthetics.

  • Modern style

Modern architecture comprises a wide range of styles that developed around the world at the beginning of the 20th century, specifically between the years 1920 and 1950.

The modern style is characterized by the use of materials such as steel or glass. In addition, a curious fact is that this style, together with the age of machines, was the one that promoted the appearance of glass windows. These were already operating in England in the 17th century and in France two centuries earlier, but it was not until years later that they became popular.

The modern architectural style, like the minimalist, seeks to eliminate all unnecessary details. It focuses on creating constructions with intentional asymmetry and in the interior, it concentrates on open spaces, flat roofs and right angles.

Unlike minimalism, in the modern style the combination of colors is used, and the furniture used usually has a clean and simple design, with few decorations.

Another of the most important characteristics is that it seeks the spaciousness of the room, avoiding the walls if possible. It is the furniture that limits the parts of the house and for this they use a lot of natural light and light colors that make the house more spacious.

If you are going to build from scratch, it is normal for you to have some doubts about which style to choose. In this article we have wanted to point out only the five most used styles, but we know that there is a wide variety of them, perfect for our home.

A good architect will know how to adapt the style of the house, depending on the environment and personal preferences, whether it is a specific style or if there are several, the important thing is comfort.

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