On November 20, 2022, one of the most important events in sports began, an event in which even the most reluctant is unable not to witness at least one game, that’s right, we are talking about FIFA World Cup, which on this occasion has been held in Qatar.

Qatar is a country whose official name is the State of Qatar, it is located on the Arabian Peninsula and borders Saudi Arabia, its language is Arabic and it covers an area of 11,586 square km, it has a population of 2 million 832 thousand inhabitants and its capital is Doha.

Doha is one of the youngest cities in the world, barely 172 years old since it was founded in 1825.

But here the question is: Is it worth going to see the Qatar 2022 World Cup? Well, to answer this question, you will first have to answer two others: Are you a big soccer fan? and Do you like to live new experiences? If your answer is yes, then you are in for a great adventure.

Despite the history that precedes the stadiums where said event will be held or if your country’s team is eliminated in the group stage, the truth is that the stadium where the final will take place is one of the most modern, which has a design that includes an open-air field with 80,000 seats and uses the most advanced refrigeration technologies, which maintain the temperature at a pleasant 26°C, in addition to the fact that its façade includes different symbolisms about Qatari life, such as the waves of the sea and the dunes of the desert on the exterior of the dome.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to see the World Cup and just want to see what this country has to offer, don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed.

“Qatar is a country that will amaze you with buildings that are true architectural works”

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Like the National Museum located in the Qatari capital, this museum was created by Jean Nouvel, taking inspiration from a desert rose.

It is worth noting the huge skyscrapers, such as the Katara Towers, located in Lusail, which are two huge structures joined, thus forming a horseshoe, inspired by the traditional swords of its national seal, reaching a height of 211 meters with 36 floors, both towers are intended to be hotels, one with five stars and the other with six.

However, if you are not a traveling soul, like me, and you want to enjoy the games from the comfort of your home, on television you will find a large number of channels, in which you can watch the games from your sofa, with a good bowl of chips and a large glass of your favorite drink.

It doesn’t matter where or how you want to watch the World Cup, the important thing is that you enjoy it and support your team that leaves its soul on the pitch. At GEG we hope that in this World Cup you will enjoy each game properly, alongside your loved ones.

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