What do we call Urban Architecture?

When managing the infrastructures in a city, it is extremely important to guarantee maximum comfort for its inhabitants, bearing in mind that cities are living organisms that grow and evolve.

Some considerations that must be considered in urban architecture are the creation of homes, workspaces and other buildings that facilitate and make the lives of the people who inhabit it more practical, such as harmony, efficiency, comfort, etc.

In this way, a good urban architecture always follows the principles of design and spaces for citizens to live and work.

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Urban architecture offers solutions to the needs of citizens, and these solutions necessarily go through realism and materialism when constructing buildings. This is achieved with the construction of buildings that are capable of fulfilling several functions. We live in a time when buildings have to be able to cover various needs. They must be able to offer a space in which we can live, but also in which we can work. Now, with the COVID-19 crisis, the home has become an office for many people.

Commercial and business buildings are combined, creating a perfect environment to allow citizens to work, live and do their usual shopping without leaving the same building. This maximizes our efficiency and our productivity.

It is very true that one of the main objectives of urban architecture is to create practical buildings that serve their mission, but that does not mean that they cannot be beautiful, attractive, striking, modern. In fact, the most innovative buildings in the world are buildings that meet this goal, like the Empire State Building in New York. This is tangible proof that beauty, innovation, and design are not at odds with construction and building.

It is for this reason that buildings, all of them, are so important in urban design, and in turn, the design of the city powerfully influences our physique and our psyche.

In this way, well-defined urban architecture within the planning and design of the city can help to suffer fewer pathologies on an emotional level. A good design must be able to satisfy the needs of its citizens, promoting healthy habits for their health care.

What it is about, put very specifically, is being able to build buildings that not only have a high level of efficiency, but are also sensitive to different moods and the environment in which they are located.

The concept of urban design refers not only to how the city is arranged, but also how the buildings that are built do so. Being these, infrastructures of the cities that ensure that they are healthy and comfortable, and to do them properly, it is necessary to consider factors such as noise, pollution or any other urban equipment.

Clearly, for a building to fulfill its mission it must not be isolated, but must be easily accessible to all citizens. This is one of the most important principles of urban architecture.

Cities, as we have already pointed out, are alive, and many of them are in full growth. That is why it is very important to have professionals who know all the important aspects to take into account about urban architecture.

At GEG we have a young generation of architects, who apply the elements and tools to develop designs with innovative ideas, taking into account the approach used in urban architecture and who are capable of meeting the needs of cities and people. that we live in them.

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