4 Benefits of the Design-Construction Process

The term “design-build” refers to a process within construction, in which a firm offers architecture, engineering and design, as well as construction and building services. This organization will design the project in order to build it.

It is a project delivery method used by construction companies, architects, and engineers to complete construction more quickly and efficiently. Design-build has one point of contact, and this is usually a site manager, who oversees all other team members.

“We can use this process for any scale of projects, from small remodels to full building construction.”

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Today the popularity of this approach is increasing in private and government projects.

There are great benefits to using this methodology, employed in place of other project delivery options.

Next, we will mention the most important ones.

1.- Best collaboration

Having a lead project supervisor who works directly with the owner and the rest of the team, allows for more centralized, organized, expedited, and efficient collaboration.

2.- Individual responsibility

The owner has direct communication with those responsible for this process and no one else, so it is always clear what role each collaborator plays within the project. This makes things easier for the owner and builder as there is no confusion about who is in control of what happens to the project.

3.- Faster delivery

This structure allows the owner and those in charge of this process to work with a more organized team, which can facilitate faster work and easier communication. For example, the designer-builder can evaluate design plans as architects and engineers create them.

4.- Accessible Costs

Due to the efficiency and speed of the projects with this method used, the costs of completing a project in this way are usually lower. The owner can avoid any costly issues with the design, because the entire team can spot issues that they might not otherwise discover until construction has already started.

Although more and more projects are being generated this way by owners and contractors, not all companies are familiar with this method.

At GEG we have a truly capable and experienced team to carry out adequate management in each of our projects.

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