Currently sustainability has become a priority for several areas of the industry, one of them, which has become one of the pillars in the economy, is construction, for this reason the construction companies have given themselves the task of making their processes, from planning to final construction, carry out sustainable techniques that balance society, business and the environment.

On the other hand, companies have also integrated this practice to protect the planet, which is undergoing great changes, such as climate change and global warming, for which new processes such as the circular economy, the rule of the “3Rs” have been reinvented. ”, the rule of the ecological “5Rs”.

The construction industry has not been left behind in the practice of sustainability, therefore, in its development of planning, design, commissioning, maintenance and possible remodeling, it aims to help the planet and the human beings that inhabit it. , as an example is the Global Engineering Group (GEG) that applies pleasant designs, providing physical and mental well-being, both for the environments where it is built and for the occupants of the buildings and their surroundings.

Today we live in such an accelerated dynamic that without realizing it, we sometimes inhabit or develop in unhealthy environments, both for people and for the ecosystems of certain areas or regions.

For the above reason, cities have now prioritized sustainable construction, putting people’s health first, since some poorly planned buildings tend to have negative impacts such as:

  • Noise pollution.
  • Polluting emissions or hazardous waste.
  • Visual contamination.
  • Waste of natural resources.

“Another important point that oversees sustainability in construction has to do with city planning”

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This implies that the inhabitants of a certain area can have access to basic services in an equal manner, for example, means of transport, green areas, among others.

To achieve the creation of a sustainable city, the collaboration of the government with the construction industry is required, thus achieving a win-win situation and at the same time involving citizen participation.

Fujisawa, is the most sustainable city in the world, taking sustainable construction to achieve it, it is a Japanese city located 50 kilometers from Tokyo where everything was created thinking about caring for the planet and the health of its inhabitants, something that was believed to be distant but that now it is a reality.

This smart city can house up to three thousand inhabitants and each of its buildings is capable of storing energy to later use it in the different tasks that the same town requires, such as lighting community recreation spaces.

In recent years, the environmental damage caused by man has increased exponentially, resulting in global warming, soil erosion, lack of water, the extinction of animal species and the accumulation of garbage in the seas.

For this reason, since the 1980s, when the term sustainable development began to appear, different industries tried to join in saving the planet, thinking about present actions that could help future generations.

In Mexico, work is being done to carry out sustainability in its different areas and as an example are the 6 most sustainable cities, Mexico City, in the areas of transportation, land use and government measures; Nuevo León, standing out in the evaluations related to waste, water and sanitation; Guadalajara, implementing sustainable mobility, achieving an unprecedented increase in cycling trips.

Puebla has also entered a state of sustainability with the construction of a shopping center made from maritime containers and applying mobility by bicycle; San Cristóbal de las Casas, through volunteers, international organizations that work in sustainability test eco-techniques and green technologies. Thanks to that it is easy to find houses with solar panels, orchards and rainwater harvesting systems; Xalapa, thanks to the litter composting system used to maintain gardens, is one of the greenest cities in the country.

These are the most sustainable cities in Mexico. If they followed suit, we could soon unveil a country that is greener and prepared to face the challenges posed by climate change.

Therefore, at GEG we are concerned with providing our collaborators with quality services and advice focused on sustainability, seeking positive impacts for construction, benefiting both companies, society and the environment.

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