The Nuevo León State Development Plan 2022-2027, published on April 4, is already underway and its objective is to solve and address the problems faced by said state, with the intention that those achievements will be noted in the year 2050.

In this development plan, Governor Samuel Alejandro García Sepúlveda mentioned the areas to which they will give greater importance.

Among them is Universal Health coverage to care for children and adolescents with cancer, as well as full-time schools and dual education. This implementation will also care for patients with cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases.

Regarding the economic plan, Nuevo León will seek to become, according to the Governor, the new “Silicon Valley” by supporting entrepreneurs with credit.

“In the same way, a new stadium for the Tigers will be built with a design for NFL and soccer games”

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Another place that will help meet this objective is the Monterrey International Airport, which will seek to become a major connection center in the north of the country.

Another important issue mentioned in the development plan was mobility, where the Nuevo León state government will build three new subway lines, which will be found in the Suburban Train and Integral Transit System areas. They will try to restructure public transport to reach all of Nuevo León with a more affordable price. And the Sitram, which is all the smart traffic lights in the Monterrey metropolitan area.

On the subject of the fight against climate change, the state governor commented that reforestation will be strengthened, free and voluntary verification for citizens and in the case of governments it will be mandatory. In the same way, a Water Resilience Plan has been made to finish the work of the Libertad Dam, a dam that includes the activation of shallow and deep wells.

Last but not least, the issue of equality and inclusion was touched on, where it was said that the state will work on the New Route for the elimination of poverty and inequality.

The state of Nuevo León improves day by day to give its citizens the security and modernization they need, from treatment for children and adolescents with cancer, to the creation of new subway lines.

At GEG we are happy for the progress made in that State and we are motivated to continue improving as a company to offer a product capable of providing the safety and efficiency that any industrial warehouse may need.

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