The 7 main construction technologies

We all know that technology is a vital tool for our days, since we use it to facilitate the processes in the work we do, but what happens when we talk about technologies in the construction sector?

Many times, we think that technology in this area is only about heavy machinery, but this is not the case, the truth goes beyond this belief.

“Global real estate services company, James Lang LaSalle, says that new construction companies have an increase of 30% on an annual average in technologies worldwide”

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For this reason, we want you to know what the main technologies used in construction are and what their function is.

1.- Artificial Intelligence:

The first one we will talk to you about is the always exciting Artificial Intelligence, as this technology allows both machinery and computers to imitate human functions and actions, using laser scanners and sensors to collect data, allowing it to learn patterns, and, of course, this way, make decisions without the need for an operator.

Another reason why we use artificial intelligence is because the risks of accidents can be reduced, thanks to simulations where AI can identify danger factors. This, without a doubt, is a great help in construction. Since we work daily with instruments and materials that require a lot of our attention.

2.- Robots:

Despite technological innovations, the construction sector has not been able to fully adopt robots, as they are used for tasks that we consider tedious for us, some are used to perform repetitive tasks such as mixing concrete, others are used to transport tools or materials.

Although these have not been widely used, they have undoubtedly improved worker performance.

3.- Drones:

These devices are very useful tools for construction companies, because they are mainly used for cartography, measuring the distance and geography of the land on which they are going to build, using aerial images.

Another use that they give it, especially the person in charge of the project, is the identification of any failure in the work, this helps a lot to reduce costs and accidents.

Finally, thanks to its ability to take photographs and videos from the air and its way of collecting information, the drone is used to create three-dimensional models.

4.- 3D printing:

Continuing with the three-dimensional theme, there is also construction with 3D printing, this works just like a normal printer, a program indicates the dimensions and the printer begins to build the building on a flat surface.

The materials typically used for these machines are liquid metals or plastic, which is then cooled to create the structure.

This technology is quite fast, because a building that can last several months would only take a few weeks.

5.- Wearables:

Accidents are one of the many recurring things in construction, therefore, safety is a very important factor for workers. Fortunately, technology has gotten to work to provide greater confidence to employees.

An example of this is smart boots that detect if a worker is about to fall or collide with a wall. In addition, wearables are also usually equipped with trackers, voltage detectors and environmental sensors.

6.- Estimation tools in the Cloud:

This instrument is very important for construction companies, as they help accurately develop material, labor, and cost estimates for projects.

It is also a good manager, as this element allows you to easily deactivate any device that is not in use, leaving you with only the necessary instruments.

It is very easy to access this tool, you only need a device with an internet connection.

7.- Virtual Reality:

Finally, we have augmented reality, this tool is also very useful for construction companies, due to its way of helping to visualize the information of a project, simulating the environment in which they will work, in this way, architects and contractors They can project themselves into this space and see what the building will look like before it is even built, making it easier for designers to present their projects.

Technology is very important for construction companies, as it helps us reduce time and costs, work faster and avoid accidents. At Global Egineering Group we hope that this information will be of great help to you and that you can apply these points for greater growth in your company.

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