Do you know what the skeleton of an industrial warehouse is?

In this article we will show you all the important points that the structure of an industrial warehouse must have, since it is extremely important to know the difference between the different materials with which they can be made.

The structures of the buildings are defined as their “skeleton”, it is what will give them the strength to stand up and not fall, from this part that the same structure or other elements are attached to it in a construction.

Currently there are various types of structures, although steel is generally more used, here we show you the differences:

  • Metallic structure.

This type requires less time in its construction process than an industrial warehouse. They are less rigid, isostatic systems to achieve hyperstatic structures is very complicated. We must add that the beams do not weigh, thanks to that they are easily transported, and do not require auto-cranes, etc. The price of them is much lower than that of concrete.

Based on the objective for which the industrial building with a metallic structure will be made, a fire resistance review will be required, and it must be taken into account to use a coating of fire-fighting products.

  • Concrete structure.

The concrete structure requires more construction time than the metallic one. We must bear in mind that the price of an industrial building with a concrete structure is much higher, due to the materials and the construction time.

This type of structure is perfect for its good behavior against fire without treatment. In addition, it favors being able to build any type of shape or figure using formwork, compared to the metallic one that is usually more complicated. We must also bear in mind that this type of structure does not require anti-corrosion or oxidation treatments, or painting.

  • Mixed structures (metal and concrete).

Another of the options available for structures is the use of a mixed system in which both metal and concrete are involved. This style has been gaining strength due to the advantages it presents in the market.

This type of structure, over time, has been gaining position thanks to its advantages, in the market and when choosing the structure of the industrial warehouse.

Due to its rigidity and bracing without brittleness, its cost is higher than in the metallic structure, but less than in the type of concrete structure.

What is the best structure?

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The truth is that there is no ideal or optimal structure system, since depending on how the building will be will be the way it will be built, always according to its functionality. A qualified specialist will be in charge of choosing the type of structure, who would be the designer of the work.

Some of the factors that should be taken into account are:

  • The loads that the building must support.
  • The size of lights
  • Distance between pillars.
  • Building height.
  • Type of terrain.

As a conclusion, we can say that the design and calculation must ultimately be left in the hands of a qualified professional, it is for this reason that at GEG our main commitment is to have a team of trained collaborators assigned to their areas of expertise, supporting them so that They can grow alongside our company.

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